Short story renamed

After getting some very favorable feedback from an award-winning author concerning my first-ever short story I decided to take his advice and change the name.  What was once titled 'Obsessed with Life' is now 'Gift Giver'.  The story has been through final editing, converted into a manuscript format, and submitted to Lightspeed magazine.  If accepted, I will be locked out from publishing it anywhere else for 4 months - typical for such contracts.  After that, I will submit it to Analog magazine.

Work is progressing on Peacekeeper.  I think I've solved most of my problems with the plot and the few remaining ones should work themselves out as the words hit the hard drive.  I've been taking large chunks of 'The Elite of the Alliance' and dropping it into Scrivener for use in Peacekeeper.  The delete key has become my friend as 'The Elite of the Alliance' was written 25 years ago and is in need of some serious changes.  One thing I've got to watch out for though is to not let the action of the book drop off.  I have some ideas about how to keep things moving while my lead character is becoming a Peacekeeper but there are some small risks associated with the technique I plan on using.  I did it in 'Honor Thy Enemy' and it seemed to work out well.  I plan on bouncing between Wilks's time in the academy (which is important) and action that is happening all across Alliance space.  I hope it works.

About half of my friends from Launchpad are at the Worldcon in Chicago (Chicon 7).  I wish I could be there with them but the logistics just didn't allow it.  I hope to head to Dragoncon next year as well as a couple of smaller cons to get my feet wet before then.  I keep in touch with most of them via Twitter.

It's beginning to look like retirement won't be an option for me for at least another 5 years.  That means I will have to manage my time to balance family, working, writing, and social networking (listed in order of priority).  It's a juggling act that can often become frustrating.  Not having to work would free up a huge block of time allowing me to have more time to write and work on my social network.  Time management is very important for the working writer!  For instance, yesterday was spent doing quarterly taxes and a family cookout.  This morning was taken up by social networking (this blog for instance), updating my web site, and looking into advertising options.  You don't see writing in there do you?  That will be later - don't worry.