10-11-12 Short story complete

This last week has been an incredibly busy one for me.  Even though I've been off for the last 7 days, I've not had much time to write.  We have taken over the care and feeding of a pair of cats (brother and sister) from across the street.  Mamma cat had kittens some time ago and lost both of them.  We decided to get them spayed and neutered.  With winter on the way, we decided to set them up with a nice shelter.  My wife ordered a playhouse which I had put together a couple weeks ago.  I spent most of my 7-day finishing that project.  The playhouse now has plexiglass windows and is insulated.  There is a nice ledge inside for the cats to lay on and look out the window.  The floor is carpeted and a heated pad is as well as a heated water dish are inside.  Tomorrow we begin introducing the cats to their new home.

I also spent time doing family things.  We drove to Sandusky to visit my daughter.  I spent time mulching the leaves and putting the outside in order for winter.  Even though I was busy, I still managed to squeeze in some time for writing.  I put Peacekeeper on temporary hold in order to work on a short story.  The people I went to Launchpad with are putting together an anthology of sorts and they put out a call for short stories.  I normally don't write them but an idea for one did pop into my head.  I didn't want to forget about it so I decided to write it to make sure it was complete before the submission deadline.  The first draft is now done.

Peacekeeper will be back on my radar as of tomorrow night.  I'm rolling to night shift starting on Thursday night.  I can usually get a few hours of writing in when I'm on this shift.  But, things are starting to get very busy at work so I may or may not have the time.  I will have to go back and edit the short story in the near future but until then I'll be working on Peasekeeper.  I have a little over 30,000 words written right now.

Right now it's a little after three o'clock in the morning and I'm pretty tired.  I need to stay up for at least another 3 hours.  If I try to work on Peacekeeper I will fall asleep at the keyboard.  So, instead of working on writing, I'll be firing up an action-packed movie (Avengers comes to mind) to keep me awake.  Hopefully though, when I next blog I will be able to report some progress on Peacekeeper.