11-11-12: Peacekeeper on a roll

Last week I was working 12 hour days and was unable to write even a single word.  But, that did not stop me from at least working on Peacekeeper.  During idle moments at work, while taking a shower before bed, and while trying to get to sleep, I was thinking about the book.  Consequently, I made significant progress this weekend.  I get my best writing done early in the morning.  As long as I can stay away from all the other things I could be doing in the morning I can get a lot of writing done.  Saturday and Sunday I was up at 0500 and made good progress on Peacekeeper.

Peacekeeper is turning out to be a very different sort of science fiction for me.  It is more of a mystery than a knock-down drag out space-warfare novel.  There will be battle scenes but there's a lot of stuff leading up to it.  I've been trying to develop my characters a bit more as well as explaining the cultures of some of the races who are members of the Alliance.  It's difficult to develop a whole new culture because we tend to always think that all alien cultures will be like our own.  But how can they?  They're aliens!

I have also mentioned a planet that could easily get me in trouble.  My coworkers have jokingly been trying to get me to write a book titled 'Porn Planet'.  Of course, they want it to be an adult XXX style novel with all sorts of imaginative futuristic ways for adults to have fun.  I have graciously declined.  But, the possibility of such a planet intrigues me and so I have mentioned it in Peacekeeper.  I've not yet decided if my main character will actually go there or not in this novel but it at least opens the door for a future adventure with a more adult theme - something I've tried to avoid.  Science fiction, however, can often be pretty racy and now I've opened the door a bit to let some of it appear in my writing.  Peacekeeper has a bit more adult situations in it than my other novels and might not be appropriate for the very young.

In more personal news, I am now back in touch with another of my best friends from high school.  This guy is totally off the grid.  He does not own a cell phone, does not use banks, and only drives trucks that are older than 1986 because they have distributors and no computers.  He lives in Washington State up in the mountains.  He was one of 3 best friends I had in high school.  The other one still lives in Minnesota and I video chat with him at least once a month.  The last was not doing so well last I heard and I haven't spoken to him in 6 years.