11-19-2012: 42.5K Words and counting

Writer's block is extremely frustrating!  I sit at the keyboard knowing exactly where the story needs to be.  There are piles of words that are just waiting to hit the keyboard.  But those words can't happen until I get past the point I'm at now.  I write a sentence, pause, then delete it.  I stare at the screen then rapidly bang out 3 more sentences.  My fingers hover over the keyboard then those sentences hit the trash as well.  If I had been using a typewriter there would be a pile of wadded up paper on the floor next to me.  In situations like this, I've found it's best to just walk away and do something else.

This is what happened to me a few days ago.  I wrote many sentences and all of them ended up in the bit bucket.  Frustrated, I closed down Scrivener and fired up the latest Star Trek movie.  My wife was out and I had the house to myself which made the whole situation even more frustrating.  I had lots of time to write and I was spending it watching a movie.  Poor use of time.  But the movie was what I needed to allow my brain to work on the problem behind the scenes.  As the Enterprise sailed off with Kirk in command I had my answer.  Scrivener reappeared and the word gates opened.  By the time my wife came home I had written 3,200 words with plenty more ready to roll.  All in all, a great day's worth of writing.

Peacekeeper is moving along quite well now.  I have a clear vision of how it will progress from this point forward.  I have notes of things that need added earlier on as well as things I will have to revise but I'm not going back now to fix things.  I will press forward until the novel is finished.  Only then will I go back and fix what needs fixing.  After that, it's second pass editing time.

I do have one bit of exciting news to report.  Last week, I received an email from a reporter at a local newspaper, The Ashtabula Star Beacon.  Apparently, the paper wants me to be the feature story of the neighborhood section of this coming Sunday's edition.  I've already done the phone interview and sent some more details answers to the reporter via email.  A photographer will be showing up at the house today.  I'm quite excited, especially since I did not solicit this interview.  The paper contacted me.

One more piece of information and I will get back to writing.  Sales have been slowly slipping for months.  I do expect sales during the holiday season to drop as people focus on buying presents for their families.  It was the slow slide up to this point that had me concerned.  Well, not really concerned, they're not my primary source of income.  I've always been a bit skeptical of how much advertising affected sales - until now.  My wife sent off 250 cards using VistaPrint.  Two weeks later, there was a small, but statistically noticeable increase.  Was it the cards?  I think so.  Did I get a good return on investment?  Maybe.  Sometimes advertising works, sometimes not.  I'm still on the fence.