01-05-2013: A plot twist and unexpected editing

Hello to 2013!  12-21-12 turned out to be a bust (the world is still here) and I failed to meet my self-imposed goal of having the first draft of Peacekeeper done by 1-1-13.  My new goal is to have a good draft complete before I have to go on 12 hour days for 6 days a week when the nuke plant I work at shuts down for their refueling outage.  We've been put on extended hours to prepare for the outage which now puts even that target in jeopardy.  But, I'm going to give it my best effort.  I'm now limited to writing on weekends which sure doesn't leave me much time.

Also, I've been going over the ending of Peacekeeper in my head now for 3 days and it just doesn't have the zing I want.  This morning, I came up with a cool plot twist that my brain seems to have been secretly working on for weeks.  I wish my brain would share some of its thoughts with me so I could plan ahead!  Anyway, the new ending will require some minor editing of parts of the story that have already been written.  I could just move on and leave myself a large to-do list of things that need fixed to make it all merge together but that might end up creating a very uncoordinated mess if I can't finish it before the outage.  So, today I'm going back and doing some editing.  My word count is going to suck but it's got to be done.

Matthew Kressel (a Launchpad acquaintance)  has a story published in Lightspeed magazine.  It's a VERY cool short story.  You can read it by clicking here. I wish I could write short stories like he does.

I will be attending Millennicon which runs from 03-15 to 03-17 this year.  It's being held in Cincinatti - about a 5 hour drive from my house.  This will be my first 'con' and I'm going as a fan, not an author.  The experience of going as a fan will determine if I announce the fact that I'm an author when I go to Convergence-con in Bloomington, Minnesota and Dragoncon in Atlanta, Georgia.  I'm a little nervous about doing so because I am an indie and I do not have any degrees or awards other than the fact that my books have been selling well for nearly a year now.  I have family and friends in Minnesota and Atlanta so picking these two cons was a no-brainer.  If my wife can stand it I might try for Readercon but that will depend on many factors.  Readercon is not a high priority this year.

Time to get to writing - um, I mean, editing then writing.