01-13-2013: Peacekeeper update

Just a quick note to let everyone know that Peacekeeper has passed 70,500 words.  It's looking like I will actually get to finish my first and possibly second draft before having to start working 12 hour days.  We are working some extended hours now but I have been able to get a good amount of writing done each morning over the weekend.  For example - I managed to transfer 1,380 words from the aging brain to the computer just this morning.  The battles are beginning to take place and I've come up with a surprising twist that should make the ending interesting.

I just sent off an ad that will appear in the program booklet for Millennicon.  I don't know why more authors don't do this - the advertising space is inexpensive and it get's your name out there among the type of people who would most appreciate your work.  As I mentioned before, I'm not going to Millennicon as an author - just a plain old fan.  I will report on my experience when I get back.  After that - don't expect to hear much from me for awhile because I will be working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week.

Back to writing!