2013-01-28: Time

I have tried to write a blog entry at least once every week, typically on Sunday morning.  For those who follow me, I missed last week.  My apologies.  Peacekeeper now stands at 72,600 words.  Bear in mind, this is the first draft and the second will be adding more material as well as doing a great deal of editing.  The goal for Peacekeeper currently sits at around 80,000 words and it's beginning to look like it will actually hit 85,000 by the time it's ready to publish.  Unfortunately, that will be much later this year.

My short story 'Glitches' has been provisionally accepted to be published as part of an anthology of stories from past Launchpad attendees.  If you're inclined to follow the link you will notice that the site has not been updated in quite some time and does not include the list of Launchpad attendees from 2012.  I've been asked to make some changes to the story which I have completed but not yet submitted back to the editor (Jody Nye).  We had a good phone discussion and I've learned a lot about how to turn a good short story into a better one.  Problem is, it's the same advice I would give to a new author only I didn't apply it to my own short story.  Felt like a real beginner--but that's how one learns.

I have not been writing much at all the past week due to being on 12 hour days at the plant.  I work at a nuclear power station and the plant came down last week due to an electrical problem.  It's on the way back up now but I'm still working 12 hour nights next week.  Doesn't leave any time at all for writing.  My wife and I were at the bookstore on Saturday and I managed to throw another 1,300 words into the story.  I will be working on it tonight provided I can stay awake (it's 0205 right now).

My schedule is not going to be kind to my desire to write this year.  I have until March 15th to get my first and hopefully second draft of Peacekeeper done.  On March 15th, I will be attending Millennicon in Cincinnati, OH.  When I return on March 18 I will be working 6 days a week, 12 hours a day for the next two or three months.  Prior to that, I will most likely be working longer hours as we prepare for the refueling outage.  From June 28 until July 14 I will be in Minnesota attending Convergence as well as visiting friends and family.  From August 27 to Sept 8 I will be in Atlanta attending Dragoncon as well as visiting family.  Summer weekends this year will also be taken up by a multi-week project to replace the fence around my property.

I do have Tuesdays off during the refueling outage and I may be able to get in some writing in the morning before my wife wakes up.  But once she's up the writing is put away and she becomes my priority; failing to do so could jeopardize my marriage.  If I do manage to finish Peacekeeper and publish it this year, I plan on taking a short break from writing in order to catch up on a backlog of things that I've kept on hold for too long.  I don't have enough time to do everything I want to do so priorities have been set.  I am a writer though and the itch can't remained unscratched for too long.

What's after Peacekeeper?  At this point in time I really don't know but I'm sure it will be fun.