03-16-2013: Millennicon

Good morning from Cincinnati where I am attending MillenniCon. Day one of the con was fun and educational. The first panel I attended was "So this is your first SciFi convention". Since this is my first it only made sense that I attend.  It was well conducted and informative. Next up were the opening ceremonies followed by a get together in the con suite with cake and snakes and a chance to meet the guest of honor (GOH) Erik Flint. During the opening the Miami Valley Fandom for Literacy (MVFL) presented a Cleveland instructor with an award. I learned that he had worked with Geoffry Landis - one of the people I met at Launchpad last year.  I also learned that the guest artist, Sarah Clemens, has published several short stories and is a friend of Ellen Datlow, another person I met at Launchpad. Small world.

I made several runs through the small dealer's room and purchased a shoulder dragon. At first, I hesitated to spend the money but the dragon kept looking at me. Eventually, I caved and bought it. Ameentch now sits quietly on my shoulder. To round out the day I attended a panel on "Writing by committee" hosted by Erik Flint, Mike Resnick, Tim Waggoner, and David Burkhead.

I've been carrying my laptop around with me so I can continue to edit and revise Peacekeeper.  The novel is coming along nicely. I plan to continue to edit it during the outage even though I have only one day off a week. I should have a few hours in the morning. I have discovered a few major goofs which were easily corrected.  Hopefully, by the end of the outage I will be done with the second pass as well as having a finished ending (which I currently do not). This will allow me to do the quick run-through to verify story continuity. Then it's my wife's turn so she can do her proofing magic.

Today, I plan on attending the following panels: GOH reading, Short story snafus, Reading by Mike Resnick, Devil's in the details, and Is the e-reader the death of the library? I have not made any plans to attend any room parties but that could change. I will be heading back home early tomorrow morning and then the long hours and long work-weeks begin.