4-23-2013: A lot of thinking but no writing

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Peacekeeper, unfortunately, that's all I've been able to do. There is a light starting to form at the end of this long dark tunnel though. I work at a nuclear power plant that has been shutdown for refueling. That means I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The plant has historically run way over on their outages but this one actually looks like it might come in fairly close to the original schedule. The reactor is nearly refueled and the rest of the plant that had been taken apart is being put back together. Final testing is being done on many systems and they are predicting plant startup this Saturday. While most of the plant rolls back to their normal schedule, my section will remain on 12's for another week after startup begins. I'm an instrumentation technician and we have to be around to assist the operators as they bring the plant up to full power. I should start having some days off in another couple weeks. I certainly hope so because the itch to write and edit is becoming nearly impossible to resist.

I have had time to think about the story though. One of my characters (Sorbith) who also appears in Chroniech is described as being a Saulquin. Do to an intentional oversight on my part, I've never described what a Saulquin looks like other than saying they are humanoid in appearance. That's because I've never sat down to come up with a description of the race. That is now my next mental priority. I should have a full description of what he looks like and what his culture is like by the time I start writing again. I did manage to up my own knowledge on Rouldian culture. This is the type of information I hope to use in Peacekeeper as well as in future GA books. Getting to know an alien culture is something several people have asked me about. What I don't put into the novels will appear in the GATRM (Galactic Alliance Technical Reference Manual) which is a living document available on my website. I will mention updates here in my blog.

I did try writing and editing the last few weeks while working these long hours - didn't work. That's why I'm writing this blog entry now instead of writing even though I desperately want to lock myself in the room and write all day. I could do that, but then I might not be married much longer.

On a completely unrelated note - Spring has finally established a beachhead and appears to be winning the battle against Winter. A few days ago it hit 85, but Winter rallied its forces and attacked causing the temperature to plunge back down to 27 thirty-six hours later. But Spring called in the reserves and has been steadily gaining ground. Winter is retreating, but it's still putting up a fight.

Have patience - work on Peacekeeper will resume as soon as possible. I will keep you posted.