05-07-2013: The numbers just didn't add up

My forced absence from Peacekeeper may have resulted in some benefits. Even though I'm not writing or editing I've been constantly going over the entire story line in my head nearly every day. A few days ago, I woke up to find that my subconscious had uncovered a rather major flaw that will require some significant rewriting of the last half of the book. To me, the numbers have to be believable and if anyone bothered to think about it they would have found the error. It must be corrected.

I don't want to give away too many of the details but here is the gist of what happened: A group of humans have left Earth to form a colony of their own. Starting population was set at around 45,000. Zoom ahead 50 years where Peacekeeper takes place and this small population has somehow managed to build a fleet of warships. Now here's where the numbers don't add up. If you take the number of supposed warships and multiply it by the assumed crew-size of each ship and add the number of people required for support you quickly discover that the population must have been rising at an incredible rate. Everything about this from the starting population to the size of the fleet to the conditions on their new planet has to be revised.  I've got it worked out and doing the editing shouldn't be too hard.

I will also be altering some of the books events to bring everything into focus. So when can I start editing? Soon! The nuclear plant I work at has experienced a minor setback that will take about 4 days to correct. If all goes well, I will be back to a normal work schedule starting May 13. I won't be able to start editing though until May 17 when I have my first of three days off in a row. If you're an author with a full-time day-job you might be wondering why I don't steal a few minutes here and there at work to work on the book. Several reasons: I barely have enough time to eat my lunch and many times while eating I'm reviewing my next job; What little free time I do have usually happens in the morning and since I eat breakfast these days at the plant I can't eat and type at the same time - so I read; I use Scrivener and running it from a portable hard drive would violate my company's cyber-security rules.

What about editing on my one day off? Sorry, that day belongs to my wife. I could try editing in the morning but that would mean 6 days between editing sessions. Won't do it because the continuity of thought would not be there and it would show in the manuscript. I tried that when writing and you could almost see when each day's writing session began. A break of a few days is okay after 3 or 4 days of writing each day but not one day on, six days off. Peacekeeper will be my priority once I can start editing again and I will stick to it until it's complete and ready for publication.

Thanks for waiting.