06-16-2013: Peacekeeper update

I've actually had quite a bit of time to work on Peacekeeper this last week. I've made it to what is labeled as chapter 30 but is most likely actually chapter 32. The difference is because I've added so much new stuff during this editing pass (as well as making some major changes elsewhere) that I've had to split chapters. If I had been using Word, doing this would have been difficult. But with Scrivener, it's a snap. I've also moved a couple of chapters around - again, easy with Scrivener. My editing efforts puts me at about 80% complete. But, I still need to write the ending.

I am working on a MAJOR project at the house which will occupy my time anytime it's not raining outside. I have 250 linear feet of aging fence that must be rebuilt picket by picket. My wife and I are not a fan of treated wood because of the chemicals used and you still have to weatherproof the wood. So I bought 100 ten-foot long 2x4s and 180 twelve-foot long 1x8 #2 pine boards. I've already weatherproofed and stained the 2x4s and yesterday I cut up the 1x8s to make pickets. Now I have 360 pickets to stain and weatherproof - all before the week of July 4th. The weather, however, is not cooperating with rain scheduled for most of those days. It rained last night but today looks like it will be clear. However, I am so sore from cutting wood yesterday that I think it would be a wise idea for me to take a break.

I am hoping to have my first edit pass complete and the final few chapters written by the time I head for Launchpad on July 14th. During that week, if all goes well, I will complete the final draft and ready it for my wife's review. She is my proofreader. She is not a science fiction fan so it usually takes her a couple weeks to proof the book. Once that's done, I put in her changes and then generate the final output for upload.

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Time to get editing!