07-14-2013: Launchpad13

Today I arrived in Laramie for Launchpad 2013. I did manage to find the time to get some good writing done on Peacekeeper on the flight to Denver. As a returning Launchpad attendee, I thought it would be a nice gesture to help out and rent a van to drive some people there. Mike Brotherton, the creator of Launchpad, was appreciative. One of my scheduled riders was late arriving so we departed with a fill-in. The trip to Laramie was uneventful other than the fact that my Tom-Tom decided to take us on a scenic route. We checked in and then went out for dinner in the Cafe. Afterwards, Mike took us to the classroom so we would be able to find our way back there again in the morning. The first class begins at 0930.

This is another interesting group of distinguished writers. This particular group seems to be well attuned to each other and I've been spending the greater part of my time simply listening. When the conversation seems to slow down, all it takes is a simple question (one in which I'm interested in getting an answer) and they're all off talking again. The subject seems to shift at a rapid pace which is often the case with writers. This particular group includes many published authors who have also met and are friends with other well-known authors.

I plan on getting up early in the morning and working on Peacekeeper before class begins. I'll be checking out a couple of possible spots for obtaining a decent breakfast. I was sort of hoping to be able to return to the place I frequented last time I was here but the new classroom location places it too far away. I will most likely be having breakfast in the student union hall which is just across the plaza from the classroom building. The rules have changed a little this year and we will be having lunch and dinner in the cafe instead of in the classroom. Food and drink are not allowed in the classroom.

I will be doing daily blogs while in Laramie.