07-15-2013: Launchpad 13 Day 2

Today was another fun day at Launchpad. I woke up early and did some writing while having a few cups of tea. I then walked down to the Wyoming Student Union building with Chaz Brenchley and Jamie Rubin. We were early so we each set up our laptops and began writing. With only a short break for breakfast and an occasional conversation we sat and wrote mostly in silence. I managed to finish adding another 953 words to Peacekeeper before having to set it aside to attend class.

Class began at 0930. Here's the schedule of what happened during the day:

0930 – 1040: Introductions.
1040 – 1100: Astronomy pre-test.
1100 – 1200: (Mike Brotherton) Scale of the Cosmos
1200 – 1315: Lunch at the Washaki cafe. I sat with 4 others.
1315 – 1330: Tuition payment
1330 – 1530: (Andria Schwortz) Phases of the moon and seasons.

1545 – 1700: (Christian Ready) after break – Exploring the Solar System.

After the official classes we all went to see Pacific Rim showing in the theater that's a short walk from the dorm. Personally, I enjoyed the movie despite its technical flaws. Afterwards, we all hung around the lobby discussing where the movie had gone wrong. We then decided to wander down to O'Dwyers bar where the discussions continued. This was a great conclusion to another great day at Launchpad.