07-16-2013: Launchpad day 3

Here's how the day went at Launchpad for day 3:

0700 – 1000: Breakfast at the Union with Chaz and Jamie.
1000 – 1200: (Andria Schwortz) The electromagnetic spectrum.
1200 – 1300: Lunch at Washika.
1300 – 1500: (Andria Schwortz) Spectroscopy lab.
1500 – 1620: (Christian Ready) Motion, Energy & Gravity.
1620 – 1700: (Mike Brotherton) Science in Science Fiction
2030 – ????: Telescope time on top of the physical sciences building.

We actually ran out of time for Mike's lecture on Science in Science Fiction. He will continue it tomorrow. The spectroscopy lab was interesting although many of us had a difficult time getting the spectrometers to work properly. 

The highlight of the day was definitely the telescope activities at the top of the physical sciences building. This was an activity we did not experience at last year's Launchpad. The university has a 16" telescope which gave us a fantastic view of Saturn. You could clearly see the rings as well as three of the moons. Here's a pic Jeri Smith-Ready took of me looking through the eyepiece: