07-18-2013: Launch Pad Day 5

I slept late because we didn't get back from the WIRO telescope until quite late last night. Here was the schedule I followed today:

0700 – 0930: Breakfast at the Union with Chaz and Jamie.
1000 – 1300: Hike around Turtle rock (Vedauwoo).
1430 – 1600: (Mike Brotherton) Death of stars

1600 – 1700: (Daniel Dale) Dust in Space
1700 - 1800: Dinner
1830 - 2000: (Jamie Rubin) Impromptu EverNote lecture

I spent some time this morning buying my wife a few items from the university gift shop and then working on Peacekeeper. I've added another 600 or so words bringing the total up to just under 104,000 words. The final battle has been fought and all that's left to write are the clean-up chapters to bring everything to a neat conclusion.

The hike around Turtle Rock started off with a minor incident and ended with one as well. When we arrived, there wasn't enough room to park all three of our vehicles in the same parking lot. I drove my van to an upper lot and we walked down. The trail is covered with tiny little pebbles making it slippery and one of the people from my van (I will not embarrass that person with a name) slipped and banged her knee scraping it a bit but otherwise she was okay. She opted to remain at the parking lot while the rest of us started on the trail. The walk was about two hours long and we saw some amazing sites. Here's one with Mike Brotherton on the right and Christian Ready on the left:

We were almost back to the parking lot when another person from the group tripped over a branch and hit the ground - hard. I think his camera came in contact with his nose because he cut it pretty good. Luckily, we were only a few feet from a water faucet and he was able to stop the bleeding and clean the wound. He will have a reminder of the walk for some time to come. We had a boxed lunch at the parking area and then headed back to the classroom.

We then learned about how stars die from Mike and how dust is used to explore the universe by Daniel. Most of us were pretty tired but I believe we got a lot out of the lectures.

The lecture from Jamie was not part of the official Launch Pad courses. Jamie (Link to his going paperless website) is an EverNote ambassador (he doesn't get paid for that role by the way) and uses EverNote as a central part of his going paperless lifestyle. One incredibly wild trick - put a PDF image of a user's manual (such as your thermostat) in EverNote then generate a QR code of the URL to this note. Past the QR code inside the door of the thermostat. Now, if you need to reprogram it and you don't know how you simply scan the QR code with your phone and the manual appears on your mobile device. My brain is still humming with ideas on how to use this unique application.