07-18-2013: Launchpad day 4

Yesterday was such a full day at Launchpad that I had no time to blog. Here's what our schedule looked like:

0700 – 1000: Breakfast at the Union with Chaz and Jamie (Writers writing)
1000 – 1115: (Christian Ready) Binary star systems.
1115 – 1200: Lab – Searching for exo-planets using www.planethunters.org.
1200 – 1300: Lunch.
1300 – 1430: (Chip Kobulnicky) Image processing lab.
1500 – 1700: (Christian Ready) Everything you always wanted to know about Stars.

2000 – 2400: WIRO (Wyoming InfraRed Observatory)

I was having no luck at all trying to find planets at the Planet Hunter website. I kept being presented with the same data over and over to classify. This happened on two separate computers! Our best guess was that it was because I was not logged in. Doug Dechow, however, spotted a very strong candidate for an exo-planet and when he reported it discovered he was the first to have seen it!

I am happy to report that I've been getting quite a bit of writing done in the mornings and Peacekeeper is now nearly complete. Hopes are to finish it before I leave here although that is a lofty goal. The novel now stands at over 102,000 words with a chapter or two remaining to be written.

The highlight of our day, of course, was the trip to WIRO. Unlike last year, we got to see them doing some actual science this time. The drive up was better this year as well because of the lack of rain which had washed out the road last year. When we arrived at the top of the mountain (10,000 feet I'm told) we could see a thunderstorm off in the distance. T-storms from a mountaintop are so cool! Everyone had a great time and the entire class departed around 2300 for the long ride back.