07-19-2013: Launch Pad day 6

Well, tomorrow will be the last full day of Launch Pad. Here is what today's schedule looked like:

0700 – 0930: Breakfast at the Union with Chaz and Jamie.
1000 – 1100: (Mike Brotherton) Black holes.
1100 – 1215: (Mike Brotherton) The Structure of Galaxies.
1300 – 1400: (Andria Schwortz) Science ethics.
1400 – 1600: (Mike Brotherton) Interstellar travel.

1600 – 1700: (Rubin Gamboa) Amateur astronomy.

One of our classmates was unable to make it to class this morning due to altitude sickness. Apparently, two Launch Pads ago they had to take someone to the ER for this. But I guess Mike has an Oxygen concentrator at his house which is what the ER would do if you went there only they will happily charge you a lot of money for the service. The treatment worked and she was back in class shortly after lunch.

I checked on my flight and discovered that for some unknown reason I set it up for 10:00am in the morning! That would mean I would have to leave Laramie at around 6:00am. Since I rented a van the plan was to take a bunch of people back to the airport with me but having to leave at such an ungodly hour put almost everyone off. With Mike's party planned for Saturday night it would mean I would have to bow out of the party early and then get up at 5:00am. I called United and changed my flight - an expensive thing to do these days. I'll just chalk it up as a lesson learned. Now I don't have to leave the dorm until around 0800. Tomorrow we talk logistics and I'll find out who's riding with me.

The entire class (except one) decided to go out for dinner. About half of us went to a place called "Altitude". The steak and beer were both very good. Afterwards, we wandered into "the oldest bar in the State" as one patron called it. I was driving so I just looked around while the others (except one) had a few shots. It looked like a very old bar and there's a picture of it from the early 1900's hanging on the wall.

I am happy to report that I managed to write just over 1,500 words today. I'm working on the final chapter of Peacekeeper. If all goes well, it will be done before I get home. I should have time to work on it in the morning and then again at the airport and on the plane. Cross your fingers.