07-21-2013 Launch Pad Day 7 & 8

We began the last day of class yesterday morning. I slept very little the night before and I was feeling a bit 'twitchy'. After lunch, I went back to the dorm and laid down for an hour. I don't think I slept but I felt better when I got back to class. Here is what the schedule looked like for our last day:

0730 – 0930: Breakfast at Turtle Rock with Chaz. Others showed up later.
1000 – 1100: (Mike Brotherton) Continue discussion of black holes.
1100 – 1200: (Mike Brotherton) Galaxies and Quasars.
1300 – 1430: (Mike Brotherton) Cosmology
1430 – 1545: (Mike Brotherton) Finish up on Science in Science Fiction
1545 – 1700: Post test, travel arrangement discussion

1900:             Party at Mike's house.

The party was very nice with many of Professor Brotherton's student's showing up. Mike has an amazing collection of dragons and dragon-related items and wandering around his basement is like taking a walk through a modernized dragon-lair. It's always sad having to say goodbye to a group of new friends but with the internet and its ability to keep people connected no matter where they are the sting is somewhat lessened. I have met another fantastic group of writers whom I hope to stay in touch with for many years to come.

I was up at 0515 this morning, well before my alarm went off. The crows were once again holding conference outside my window. As I post this final blog from Laramie, I am all packed up and ready to roll.

I did manage to nearly finish Peacekeeper yesterday. I had to go back and make a few more edits and tweaks to make things line up properly so the book is not 100% complete. It's close. Barring any unforseen disasters I should be able to finish it before arriving home. Then it's one more editing pass and off to my wife for her proofing.