07-28-2013: Very Productive Day

Today was a very busy as well as a productive day. Over the past few days, I've managed to get some editing done on Peacekeeper. I got some more done today. I'm about a third of the way done with my second editing pass and I'm managing to find some things that really needed fixing. I'll be in training next week which means I'll have lots of time to edit in the morning as well as during breaks. My goal is to finish the first editing pass by the end of next week. I'll then do another editing pass but this time it will be quick as I'll only be looking for inconsistencies. Then it's to my wife for proofing and then a final editing pass to make sure it all works together.

I also set up a new computer for my wife. Her old machine was running into memory issues and slowing down to a crawl. The new machine, of course, came with Windows 8. I hate Windows 8 so I wiped the hard drive (had to because it uses a strange formatting, and installed Windows 7. This entails having to deactivate the new BIOS and activate the legacy BIOS. After 7 was installed I ran into some major issues like no internet and no USB ports. I solved this problem by going to the HP website and doing a search of my computer to determine who makes the network interface. I then went to their website, downloaded a driver installer, burned it to a DVD, put the DVD into the new system, and ran it. A few seconds later I was on the internet. From that point it was easy. I installed the 148 (first pass) updates, then another 38 updates. I downloaded a driver updater program and updated all the drivers which gave me the USB-3 ports back. Next, I installed Office 2003 and had to install another 56 updates after that. This morning I used the easy file transfer facility built into Windows 7 to move all the settings and files from the old machine to the new one. As soon as I have time I'll make some minor tweaks and then she'll have a new computer.

Now I've got to figure out what to do with her old one - maybe turn it into an Ubuntu box?

I've also been working on my fence project. Today I tore down the rest of the old fence, sanded the remaining poles, stained them, and started putting up pickets. There's only 5 sections left and I'll have that project completed by the end of the day tomorrow - provided I don't run out of wood. That will free up some time to finish my wife's computer, reorganize my computer room, complete a couple more outside projects, and (you thought I forgot, didn't you?) work on Peacekeeper. There's some other projects on hold like reorganizing how I store things on my computers and get things prepared for when I turn over the backups to CrashPlan.

That's it for today. Time to Skype with my friend in Minnesota and bug his wife about getting a cover for Peacekeeper.