08-15-2013: Scrivener

I normally don't generate a blog post in the middle of the week but I just had to get this one out. If you're a writer and you've never heard of Scrivener then you need to give it a try. If you've heard of it, and you've tried it out and found it to be a bit confusing, then you need to revisit it. I've just finished reading a fantastic book on how to use Scrivener. The manual from the developers is okay but is severely lacking in a lot of the "how to" descriptions. This is no reflection on the developer team - it's typical because they work with the program all the time and they understand it's ins and outs. For the rest of us--read a third-party book.

The book I'm talking about is "Scrivener for Dummies". The best news is that it's available free at: IT-ebooks. Why would they give this away for free? Because after reading it I think you'll want to buy a printed copy to have at your fingertips. I know I'm going to. Buy it, read it, and then enjoy writing like you've never imagined. I love this program! Don't have a copy? You can try it for free at by clicking here.

One thing the book doesn't talk about and I think it's a serious omission is how to set up your project files. The information is in there, but it's not exactly obvious. Read the book--carefully--paying particular attention to chapter 12, and then start writing. I believe using the preset project formats is a good place to start but unless you understand how the compiler formatting options work you can easily muck it up. I did. For my own work, I should have used a folder to hold the text documents for each chapter with each scene in that chapter a separate text document. I didn't do this at first but after reading the book it didn't take much to restructure the project to conform to these rules.

I'm surprised that Literature and Latte (the developers of Scrivener) do not recommend this book. They should put a link to it on their website.

And, since I'm here, I'll let you know that my wife is still going through Peacekeeper. Have patience, it will be available soon.

Finally, I will be at Dragon*con at the end of this month. If you want to meet up, drop me an email. I'm sure I can find the time.