08-29-2013: DragonCon day 1

Today started off rather interesting. I have a habit of leaving a few of my business cards on the lunch table at the hotel. This morning, the sales manager for the hotel by my daughter's recognized me and stopped to talk. He son and husband are both science fiction fans. Even though I did not have any books with me, she paid me for two of them, trusting me to mail them to her when I get back home. That's the first time I've made a sale like that.

We left the hotel by my daughter's and headed for the hotel we booked for DragonCon. To be honest, I was very worried because of the number of very negative reviews I had read about the Melia hotel. The trip into Atlanta was made without incident and check in at the hotel was very smooth. The room is a bit dated (no refrigerator and no microwave and the TV is an old CRT model) but it is quite nice and very acceptable. After settling in we took a cab to the Sheraton where we encountered a very large line of people for DragonCon check-in (see below photos). The line moved quickly and it wasn't long before we had our badges in our hands.

We walked from the Sheraton to Max Lagers where we met Jody Lynn Nye and Farah Mendlesohn, two of the Launch Pad 12 attendees. We had a very good time together. My wife and I then returned to our hotel where we spent a considerable amount of time working on our plans for the next few days. It's going to be a very busy next few days - I will try to keep track of my activities and blog in the evening.

Here is a pic of a small part of the line of people we stood in to check into DragonCon:

This is the sea of people winding their way to the check-in counters. It moved pretty fast: