08-30-2013: DragonCon Day 2

No pictures today - the internet service here is just too slow. Started off with a very good (but not free) breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We then took the DragonCon bus to the Sheraton where we attended our first panel: "Crossing the Veil". This was a discussion about what happens after death. This was one of my wife's interests but I found it to be rather interesting as well. Next, we split up and I went to a writing seminar, "Careers in the Post-paper Era". I picked up several interesting ideas which I will be applying to my next book. I will probably make changes to my already published novels as well. I walked back to meet up with my wife and sat through a panel on "Paranormal Tech Talk". We split up again and I attended a lecture on "Fun in fusion Research". The presenter works with the International Test Experimental Reactor (ITER) and presented a VERY interesting as well as funny lecture. Finally, we walked through the art dealer's room and then spent some time just hanging around taking pictures of all the costumes.

So what did I like best about today? The lecture on fusion research was very good but I think if I had to chose one thing I did today as having the most value I would say it was the "Careers in the Post-paper Era" lecture. Why? Because I picked up a few tips on how to make my books better. All writers should be continually striving to improve. I want to produce the best possible experience for my readers and the best way to do that it to continually improve my writing skills. I read books on writing as well as attend lectures when I can. I also solicit feedback. If you find an issue such as a spelling mistake or a misused word in one of my novels, please tell me about them. I will correct the error and learn from it.

The parade is tomorrow and then we will be spending time in the dealer's room. I do have one panel to attend but that can change. If the internet connection holds out I will blog again tomorrow.