08-31-3013: DragonCon Day 3 (posted the day after)

Yesterday's post was delayed due to my being unable to connect to the internet last night. DragonCon brings in so many people that it overwhelms the area's communications grid. Cell phone calls are dropped, internet access via a cell phone is intermittent and very slow, and hotel wireless systems are bogged down to the point they are nearly unusable. If you do attend a future DragonCon event you should expect these things. The best time to use the internet is early in the morning when all the late-night party-goers are still sleeping. I am furiously typing this into a Word document in the hopes that I will be able to post it this morning.

We spent the first part of the day watching the DragonCon parade. I stood on top of a large cement planter that had had its tree removed and managed to have a very good view of the parade. I took 121 photos and videos of the event which I will post on Flickr when we get back. I then attended "An Hour with Larry Niven" and found him to be a very entertaining individual. The line to get into the conference hall where he was speaking started inside the building and meandered down the hall, out the door, then down the side of the hotel out on the sidewalk for about 300 feet. The sun was blazing hot and I think I over-exposed my neck.

After Mr. Niven's talk, I walked down to another meeting room to wait for Jody Lynn Nye to show up. She almost arrived late but she did have just enough time to hand me the flyer for the new anthology she and Mike Brotherton edited. I have a short story that appears in this anthology so I'm very interested in helping get the word out.

After lunch, my wife and I spent the remainder of the evening wandering around the dealer's rooms. I picked up a new dragon and my wife bought several trinkets for herself. She seemed particularly interested in the steampunk items. Back in the room, I spent quite a bit of time on Twitter setting up a lunch with Jody and Farah. I learned that Farah will be leaving on a 7:00pm flight even though the DragonCon schedule shows her on a panel at 8:00pm that night. After much back-and-forth, the time and place have been set.

I have to point out that every single person we have met here at DragonCon has been polite and courteous. We have spoken to complete strangers on numerous occasions and have yet to encounter anyone who was rude or impolite. This has been a very good experience: the weather has been nearly perfect; the people have been great; and the activities have been both entertaining and informative.

I will post a link to my Fickr pictures when I get back home. Trying to upload photos (even a single one) while at DragonCon is just too frustratingly slow.