A Writer's Brain never stops

After the final click which sent Peacekeeper on its way to Smashwords, I leaned back and thought, "Time to take a break and catch up on some reading and other things I've missed out on while working on the book." Well, that's sort of what's happened. My work schedule has gotten in the way with all last week being 12-hour days. I have managed to get some reading done as well as watching a few episodes of Firefly. But my writing brain has not taken a vacation.

I do a lot of thinking about my stories while in the shower (strange but true) as well as just before drifting off to sleep. Instead of taking a break, I find I'm still thinking about any one of the several stories that are waiting to be written. My brain has refused to take a break. I've come up with a possible Galactic Alliance novel that is a follow-up to Peacekeeper. This would create a parallel series based on Peacekeeper. I also keep thinking about a sequel to Off Course where an Akuda super-ship is discovered causing the Ba'Ruta to become involved. I've come up with a really cool twist concerning the mysterious Ba'Ruta. I've also had a few requests to make a third Dragonverse book and there are ideas floating around for this as well.

My biggest seller is the Galactic Alliance series and my wife strongly suggests that I focus more on that series than the others. I'm torn about this. I enjoy the large sales from the GA books but I also have stories that are itching to be told. I have been quite surprised that the Dragonverse books haven't sold better given the fact that many people are fond of dragons. I've often thought about going back and doing a complete re-edit of the two Dragonverse books and then continuing on with a third in the series.

I would also like to put together a 'meet the author' chat session where anyone can join in and chat live with me online. I don't know how many people would be interested in doing this either and even if there is a lot of interest in it, I don't know how to pull it off. I used to be a rather decent computer programmer but I've never done any internet programming. The sad thing is, I've been falling behind in the technology and now there's a lot of things out there on the web I'm not familiar with. There might be a way to do a massive chat but I can't tell you what it is.

I'm going to stick to my plans and take a break from writing at least until next year. But just because I'm not actually writing doesn't mean my brain is on vacation. The dumb thing keeps working even when I'm asleep.