In between writing projects

With Peacekeeper out in the wild (and selling quite well I should say), I'm taking a break from writing for awhile. I've recently received a book I ordered from Amazon titled "The 2014 Guide to Self Publishing" which I've started reading. Although I've been publishing my own books since 2009 it can't hurt to read up on the subject because you never know when you might run across something of interest that you didn't know about. I will be posting my review on Amazon and GoodReads when I'm done with it.

I am also reading "Conflict and Suspense". This is the book I leave at work and read before the morning meeting while I'm having breakfast (yes I eat breakfast at work) and having my morning coffee. This book might take awhile to read because of the limited time I have at work. It will be coming home over the holidays while I'm on vacation.

In the meantime, I've been working on where to go with the next book in the Galactic Alliance - Peacekeeper spin off. I've pretty much decided to write at least one and perhaps two more Peacekeeper books. That's why I wrote Peacekeeper in the first place. I have several interesting ideas but I need to let my brain work on the details for awhile before starting on the next book. I also have a very interesting idea for a follow-up to Off-Course. I will work on whichever story line is best developed when I decide to start writing again.

I did manage to finish watching all Firefly episodes and now I can begin watching "Falling Skies". I caught a few episodes a couple months ago and it looked very interesting. I had no idea it was into the third season. So, I signed up for Amazon Prime so I could watch the show from season one. I'll have to wait until season 4 starts so I can catch season 3 for free on Prime.

So that's what I've been doing. Not writing but doing a lot of thinking and reading up on how to write better. If there were some online courses I could take and if I had the time while working, I would be taking them as well. I would love to try to go to one of the Clarion's but I do work for a living so that will have to wait until I retire - if that ever happens. With healthcare so screwed up in this country I'm beginning to think I will have to work until I can no longer do the kind of work I do. Personally, I think this country's healthcare system is going to be our ruin. A man can work and save all his life only to have a single health emergency wipe out decades of savings putting him in the poor house. Insurance these days is a joke and the cost is so high as to be out of reach of most people. So, until that gets fixed, I think I will just continue to work and hope for the best.

I will let you know how things are going next week.

PS: I would like to write a few more blogs along the BSinSF series. I'm open to suggestions right now.