Yesterday's blog was delayed due to having an overnight guest and then a houseful of additional guests for a birthday party. I normally prepare my blog post the day before but I was at work on Saturday and actually managed to get a serious amount of writing done - blog excluded.

So enough of the excuses. I don't have anything important to write about today so I'll just drop an update and leave it at that. Peacekeeper 2 now stands at 16,085 words. I am in training this week and I have my netbook sitting on the desk in front of me. During breaks (which last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes) I can flip open the sleeping machine and put more words into it. Today's schedule was pretty packed so I only managed to write 475 words. Other days I may be able to write more, maybe less. But, progress is being made.

The secret to being able to write when you're trying to hold down a demanding job working 12-hour days and sometimes 12-hour nights is to write when you can, wherever you can. I have an Aspire One netbook for this purpose. I am pretty much a Windows user (mostly because that is what powers my home entertainment system and it's what my wife is used to) so I'm using Scrivener for Windows to do the writing. It's a wonderful program and I highly recommend it--especially if you have an Apple machine.

One more item before I have to close - I received an interesting ad in my email that really made me sit up and say, "I told ya so!" HP, one of the largest manufacturers of PCs on the planet, is bringing back Windows 7 machines because people keep asking for them. Microsoft made a HUGE mistake when they created Windows 8. It is such a divergence from the normal way of doing things (something that has been working now for a long time) that most people absolutely hate it. I do and I won't use it. If I ever have to buy another machine it will either be an Apple or an Ubuntu powered device. As far as I'm concerned, unless they fix Windows 8, it's a dead OS for me. You can't even install the VLC media player without having to tweak the group policy settings! Now how stupid is that?

I would also like to publicly congratulate Geoffrey Landis on his winning of the 2014 Heinlein award.

Until next week...