Thoughts and Peacekeeper progress report

Today is Sunday and I'm actually posting on time - well, sort of. I prefer to have my post written and ready to roll on Saturday night but I was actually so busy writing that I didn't get around to it. That's fine by me because while I'm working on a project, it has priority--especially when the creative juices are flowing and the words are hanging off the tips of my fingers waiting to be converted into electronic perfection. I did some more writing this morning (769 words) and Peacekeeper 2 now stands at 19,484 words. Progress.

I have a Twitter account and I'm very picky about who I follow. I simply don't have the time to stay current on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as well as reading all the blogs I like to try to follow. I work a lot of hours in my day job and that leaves very little time for actual writing. Something has to take a back seat and that's usually the social networking stuff. Virtually all of the people I follow (33 at the moment) are people I've met from Launch Pad.

Recently, Jamie Todd Rubin wrote the following tweet: "The sound of snowplow blades on cement, prowling the night, feeding on freshly fallen snow, lumbering beasts, always hungry." I love this style of writing and I wish I had the mental alacrity to create passages like this. It requires a different way of looking at things. Who would think of describing a snowplow like it was some sort of animal? I mentioned this to my wife and she said that of all the books she's read recently, she thinks Nova Ren Suma is a master at this form of writing.

I've often wondered if there was some type of course I could take to help kick-start the mental process required to create such prose. If you know of one--please let me know. My mind tends to be stuck in the literal mode meaning I describe things as they are without the use of much metaphor. I work at a nuclear power plant in a very technical department and I am an avid fan of science. These activities reinforce the literal mode of thinking.

On a personal note: I've applied for a new job position at the power plant. This one will involve sitting at a desk writing the work packages that my current peers will be following to perform their work. I decided to do this because I'm finding that I am having a harder time climbing up 30 feet of ladder in 120 degree heat dressed in heavy protective clothing. I'm also not as limber as I used to be and that tends to make climbing around equipment out in the plant more of a challenge. I don't mind what I do, in fact I enjoy it, but age is making it less and less enjoyable. I have a good computer background and 25 years of experience so I think I have a good chance of landing this new job. It won't give me much more time to write because planners work as many hours as the technicians. I will keep you posted.