Amtrak writer residency

Ok--so I don't stand a snowball's chance in... Well, you get the point. I'm talking about the exciting AmTrak writer's residency that officially opened its doors for submission yesterday afternoon. If you're on Twitter you've probably seen the flurry of discussions concerning this event. If you want to learn about how it all started, check out this article on the Wire website. I was glued to my Twitter feed all week waiting for the announcement. It finally came yesterday as I was walking into B&N to attend my writer's meeting. I sat down, fired up the laptop, and put in my submission. Now the waiting begins. If you're interested, check out the link above and put your name in the hat. Yes that means I'll be pushed farther down the list but it's more appropriate to share this information than to keep it private in the hopes that I'll be one of only a few to submit. Go for it!

Peacekeeper now stands at 31,309 words. I received some very positive feedback from my reading at the writer's group yesterday as well as a couple of interesting suggestions. I wish I had time to get into the suggestions because it highlights just how important it is for writers to hang out together and exchange ideas. Perhaps in another post???

Yesterday morning, in the middle of working on new material for Peacekeeper, our power went out. This is perhaps one of the scariest events that can happen in a writer's life (a total hard drive crash without having a backup is the worst). I was not working on a laptop either. If I had been, the laptop's battery would have kicked in. I was on my main system. Luckily, both of my desktop PCs are equipped with battery backups. I lost nothing. And, because I power the router and modem with the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) I was able to save my work to DropBox in case I had to transfer to the laptop. The power was out twice; once for 15 seconds and a few minutes later it went out again for 6 minutes. Others in our area weren't so lucky. Forty-six thousand people lost their power for most of the day. The lesson learned: Backup your work and either write on a device that has a built-in battery or buy a UPS for your desktop. I use an APC XS 1000.

I was hoping this would not happen, but United airlines (which is backing out of Cleveland as one of their hubs) has changed my flight to Denver. I had originally booked a flight putting me there at the decent time of 2:34 PM. Now my arrival has been pushed back to 5:59 PM. It's a 2-hour drive to Laramie from Denver and I'm supposed to be driving a group from the airport. Luckily, nobody has been selected to attend Launch Pad yet. I've alerted Mike Brotherton of my late arrival and he can inform the new attendees of my flight times so they can plan their flights around mine if they desire.

That's enough for me--time to get some writing done.