Peacekeeper 2 update

Today's post is a little abbreviated due to our having an overnight guest and I don't want to be rude.

As of this morning, Peacekeeper now stands at 29,789 words putting the novel at just over 1/3 complete, assuming a final word count of 85,000. Last week, I told you about a suggestion from one of my readers that has improved the book enormously. Those improvements required me to add a completely different beginning. Thanks to Scrivener, doing so was a piece of cake.

If you've read Peacekeeper, you will recall that the main character—Tom—formed a unique relationship with an alien named Lashpa. Peacekeeper 2 continues this relationship and delves deeper into the problems of inter-species relations. I haven't gotten there yet but I will also be explaining the difficulties a cyborg faces in forming a close relationship with a non-enhanced individual. The results should make for a good character story. And for those who want the action, there will be some of that as well. Space battles, powerful weapons, and incredible ships.

Making the above changes would have been a nightmare in any other 'standard' word processor. Scrivener, however, made it a snap. After adding the new first chapter, I had to move a couple of scenes around to put things into the right timeline. Each scene is a separate file in Scrivener and moving them around is as simple as dragging the filenames. Throughout the entire rewrite process I didn't have to worry at all about renumbering chapters or putting in scene separators at the proper location. Scrivener does it all when I build the final product. If you're a writer and you haven't looked into this wonderful program—do it now.

Finally - Don't forget that Launch Pad is now taking applications. If you're involved in any way in the entertainment industry (writer, editor, publisher, producer, agent) please consider putting in an application to attend this incredible workshop. You will not only learn some science but you will get to know a group of individuals who share the same interest as yourself. I am so glad to have attended in the past and I'm looking forward to doing it again and again.