Scrivener for Linux!

My current work in progress stands at 48,239 words and is moving along as best as possible. My job has been getting in the way of late but I think I’ve found a way to squeeze in at least a little bit of writing every day while working on this special project I’ve been assigned to. I’m hoping to have the first draft of this novel done by the end of May or June. If that pans out, I will be doing my editing while in Laramie. My wife can then do her proofing magic and I should have this book out by late August. I will keep you posted.

I went to see Transcendence yesterday. The basis for the movie is not new but the plot provided an interesting twist at the end that made you think about the entire movie all over again. That's the sign of a good movie – one that makes you think. But, as with so many other movies these days, there were gapping holes in the science. It's a good thing the movie didn’t come out later this year because the writers going to Launch Pad would probably have seen it. I would then have to listen to a group of scifi authors rip the movie to shreds for days afterward. I considered pointing out all the technical flaws but that would pretty much spoil the movie for anyone reading this. This was a very different role for Johnny Depp which I believe he filled perfectly.

The Invisible Gorilla
I’ve been reading a fascinating book named ‘The Invisible Gorilla’. Many people have heard about the experiment that is the basis for this book’s title. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’m about half-way through the book and I’m already beginning to question how the human race has managed to do the things that it currently does. Our brain can do some amazing things but it is also an accomplished liar. It’s become an expert in deceiving us into believing that we actually know what we are talking about. I highly recommend this book.

Scrivener for Linux? (!)
I am a big fan of Scrivener. It gives me everything I need to write a novel and (provided I use it properly) gives me the tools to keep things organized so I don’t forget the little and important details as I move along. I am also a big fan of Linux (Ubuntu actually) and I would like to run it on my little laptop instead of Windows. Scrivener has been the one program that has stopped me from installing Ubuntu. Now, there is a beta version of Scrivener for Linux! You can find the article here if you’re interested. I probably will not install Ubuntu any time soon though.

My dad has been running Ubuntu for a couple of months and reports that it is a viable alternative to Windows. There are still some manufacturers who don’t support the OS (why is beyond me) but for the most part everything works perfectly. The biggest non-supporter is Logitech. If I had it my way, I would be running Ubuntu on all of my machines. So what’s stopping me? Lack of a version of Scrivener was one major reason and it looks like that reason is about to vanish. My entire entertainment system is driven by Media Center and at the moment there’s no Linux alternative that is supported by the cable companies. I use X-Box 360s as media extenders and I’m pretty sure they won’t work with a Linux clone. I am running Windows 7 on all my PCs and if I ever need to buy another PC I’ll have to have another OS other than Windows because the new version sucks dry eggs. For now though, I’m sticking with Windows 7. Some day I hope to be running Ubuntu again, but that day is not now.

Enough of this – time to get back to writing!