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I am a very big fan of Scrivener. Ever since discovering it, I use it to write my novels. Unfortunately, it is not so useful when I get into the editing phase. When I'm editing, I like to be able to work with the entire document. You can do that in Scrivener using a mode called 'scrivenings' but there is one major drawback to that mode - you lose the program's ability of having it remember where you were at when you close down the document. It faithfully remembers you were in scrivenings mode but you are presented with the top of the document each time. Although I could edit in normal mode, I like to work with the entire document in full screen.

For editing, I prefer to use LibreOffice. This program is fast, clean, and free. When the first draft is complete, I output the novel to Word format and then open it in LibreOffice. I save it in LibreOffice's native ODT format. I use this format because LibreOffice Writer will remember where I'm at each time I close the document. Now, I can work on editing on my netbook, close it down, and then restart on my home system seamlessly. There is a trick to getting this feature to work though. You must fill out the user details in the options menu. The thinking here is that LibreOffice will only put the user back at the same place if that same user is the one who originally closed it.

LibreOffice can also generate PDF files and can save in many other formats. When I am ready to publish, I save the document in Word 97 format and then I go look at it in Word to make sure the formatting is still good. Then, I can upload this to Amazon as well as Smashwords. The ability to generate a PDF is useful when I'm ready to create the printed version. I use Createspace for this and they want the manuscript already formatted and ready for printing in PDF form.

I did seriously consider buying a copy of Microsoft Office - or, actually, renting it. Up until recently, we were using Office 2007 at work. We have now 'upgraded' to Office 365. I am not a fan of the new interface. What was wrong with the old way of doing things? The new interface takes up far too much room and is in my opinion clunky to use. There are some nice added features but I use Office 2003 at home and I've never needed anything more. Paying for a program I really don't need especially when I can get a free version in the form of LibreOffice simply makes no sense.

Peacekeeper Excerpt
If you would like to read a short excerpt from Peacekeeper 2 you can do so by visiting my website at Scroll down until you see Peacekeeper 2. The link is there. Feel free to pass this along to your friends. If you're reading this blog and you're not on my mailing list, I would to have you join. If you would like to subscribe to my mailing list, please give this link a try: If that doesn't work, you can always send me a direct email at:

Copyright Papers
I received my copyright papers the other day! I submitted copyrights for all of my books on December 22nd of last year. That's a turn around of about 6 months. Considering the huge number of submissions they receive I consider this to be a pretty good response. I strongly suggest filing for a copyright. It's easy to do and relatively inexpensive. To file, go to

That's it for this post - back to editing!

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