Job Status

First Up - Congratulations!
I would like to congratulate an author I've never met. John Joseph Adams is the husband of an author I met at Launch Pad. His anthology The End is Nigh was featured on Amazon and has risen in the ranking until as of this morning it stands at #11 of all paid Kindle books. I suspect this is what happened to my Translight book back in 2012. I'm always glad to see someone's book doing well. Again - congratulations!

Peacekeeper Update
Editing is moving along at a good pace. I'm about 1/3 of the way done. I've added about 2,000 words to the manuscript as well. My goal is to have the book ready for my beta readers by the time I leave for Launch Pad next month.

Job Update
There is some exciting news (well, to me anyway) regarding my job at the nuclear plant. If you've been reading this blog you may remember I recently took a new position as a maintenance planner. During the interview process another manager learned about my computer programming skills. He's been trying to get me into his department ever since. I'm used to working a lot of overtime making my annual income considerably higher than my base pay. The job he was trying to get me to accept would involve little overtime and it was a salary position as well. But, a lot of people thought I would be a good choice for the position and so the bargaining began.

Last Friday, I was handed an offer that came with a considerable pay raise. Even though the number that will appear on my income tax form from now on will be slightly lower, I accepted the job. There were many factors involved in my decision. The position becomes official on Monday and it is everything I've always wanted in a dream job.

I am the maintenance department's DBA (DataBase Administrator). Basically, I will be doing Access database programming as well as maintaining a number of database applications and interfaces. I love programming – more than writing I admit. It's a strictly 8-hour a day job with semi-flexible hours. I will no longer ever have to put on a hard hat, work in high heat or high radiation areas, and never work nights. This get's me home early enough for me to not only spend some quality time with my wife, but to have quite a bit more time to write nearly every day.

I am a happy camper!

Next Project
Looking into the future, I think I've decided what I will be doing after Peacekeeper is finished or perhaps while I'm waiting for some feedback from my beta readers. First up – the Galactic Alliance Technical Reference Manual is in dire need of a major upgrade. I'm determined to turn it into something everyone will enjoy and it's going to remain freely available. Once that's done, and Peacekeeper 2 is behind me, I'll be doing a minor rewrite of the Dragonverse books. This is in preparation for a third book in the series that will be about the children of the series' main character. After that, I'm seriously thinking about writing a sequel to Off Course – something several people have asked me to do.

I hope my use of email to remind everyone of this blog post is being well received. The way I look at it, if I were on the receiving end and I didn't feel like reading the post I would just click delete. Simple. I've been using MailChimp to send these emails which has worked out quite well for me. I did however, screw up the last one when I forgot to change the link. Nobody seemed to notice that it pointed to an older post. I hope not to repeat this error in the future.

I would like to remind everyone to share your good books with your friends. If you enjoyed reading a book, tell your friends. 85% of all book sales are done through word of mouth. Feel free to forward my email reminder to your friends as well. If they're interested, they can sign up to receive my updates themselves.

That's it for now. Have a great day!