More Science

Peacekeeper Update
Editing is continuing although not as fast as I would have hoped. I added 1,126 words yesterday bringing the total count to 73,260. With all the numbers I post you might get the impression that I somehow find them important. Truth be told – I'm not too much into numbers when it comes to writing. I do know that it is a good indicator as to how much writing a person is actually doing (except when editing like I'm doing now) and I also know that many writers keep a daily word count. I don't keep a record of them but I will post them in this blog in case you're interested.

I was hoping to include an interview with the two main characters in Peacekeeper 2 in this week's blog but life stepped in the way. I did my editing and my wife has gone over it for grammatical errors but I have not had the chance to put those changes into the text. I will put it out next week. My apologies.

Getting the Science Right – Again
Yesterday evening, I was rolling along with my editing and came to a screeching halt. My main character had recently engaged his stardrive and was heading away from Earth. He directed his ship to put in a call to Earth and the two proceeded to talk as if they were in the same room together. Even FTL communication signals take time to traverse a distance. I realized that if the math says the delay is too great that I would have to rewrite the entire conversation. It was late so I left it for a problem this morning. Getting the science right, even a little detail as a communications delay, is important.

I follow most of the people I've met or will meet at Launch Pad. Caren Gussoff (Twitter:spitkitten, website:spitkitten.com) wrote the following tweet yesterday: " Trying to calculate the axial tilt of a fictional planet, while sick, broke my brain". I found it to be quite inspirational that someone was going to that much trouble to get the science right. Way to go Caren!

Copyright Update
I received an email from the U.S. Copyright Office the other day. Apparently, if you change the spelling of some words and fix grammatical errors and then release the book as a second, third, or fourth release you can't copyright the material back to the original publication date unless you submit the first version. I quickly replied and they should be processing my copyright. I did explain to them what the changes were so maybe they will still use the original publication date.

Programming – My Other Life
I am one of the lucky people who actually enjoys their line of work. Even when I was a technician I enjoyed doing the job. Now, I'm a planner but I haven't done very much of that recently. I've been doing lots of database programming. Other than writing, programming is my passion. It's actually a toss-up between which one I like most. The problem with that is I have a difficult time trying to split my available time so I can do the things I want to do. There are times when I really wish for someone to come up with a solution to the human body needing sleep. Just think of all the writing, programming, and reading I could get done!

Time is flying by even now and I need to get back to editing. Until next week…