PK2 - Editing continues

I was so focused on continuing to edit Peacekeeper 2 this morning that I nearly forgot it was time to put out a new post. This one will be relatively short as I'm anxious to get back to editing.

The initial draft used a large number of scene separators within chapters, especially to indicate a switch to another location. The switches were so dramatic I decided to make them into chapters instead. So, my chapter count is changing. Instead of removing material (which is common during editing) I've been adding large chunks of stuff. Word count is now over 82,000 and climbing. Feedback from my fan turned copy-editor is that the book is greatly improved following editing. My proof reader (my wife and grammarian) also agrees. I'm getting a very good feeling about the quality of this book.

I will not rush getting this out for publication. If it takes another 2 months then so be it. I'm a self-published author and I don't have to rush to meet a deadline. But I know people are waiting for this book so I am going to continue editing as often as I can. I am over 1/4 of the way through and moving along at a good pace.

I received a question from a reader in Germany the other day (yes I'm talking about you Ekkehard). He's an engineer and asked a very relevant question. I mention that Tom's new cybernetic limbs are significantly heavier than his original biological limbs. This leads to a question of whether or not the limbs would pose a problem at the connection site until the full cybernetic conversion process is complete. He suggested cybernetic 'training limbs' made of lighter components. That's the level of detail that science fiction readers are capable of and known for. This is also the kind of feedback I love! He's right too - if I ever go back and make some changes to Peacekeeper I will address this problem. Thanks and great job Ekkehard!

Oh, that wasn't the only question he had either. We had a nice back and forth discussion concerning his other questions as well. If you feel inclined to write me about something in one of my books, I will write you back. I will keep this practice as long as I can. Some authors have had to stop doing personal feedbacks because their inbox becomes too overwhelming. I'm not even close to that yet.

I did sort of want to talk about my programming job (another passion of mine) but I will leave that for a later day. Now - it's back to editing.