PK2 - Almost done!

I almost forgot to write this post. I've been adding new and exciting stuff to the book and almost forgot today was Sunday . Right now, I'm at 87% complete with my final editing pass. I am adding one more large chapter and also a prologue that will add to the final word count. That currently stands at 88,665. My editing will be done next week. My wife is making good progress on her proofing even though she does not like scifi. My biggest concern right now is having a cover for the book.

I've also decided to send the book to my dad's wife. She has been quite good at catching small mistakes that seem to slip by everyone else. It helps to have several people look at the manuscript before calling it complete. I am now a firm believer in having access to a good copy editor as well as a proofreader or two. While my oatmeal is cooking, I will give you a very quick run-down on my new and improved writing process:

The project starts with Scrivener. The first draft is done in Scrivener because of it's ability to display all the information I need to track in a single location. It can also move chapters around with ease. After the first draft is complete - roughly 6 months - it gets moved into an ODT file so I can finish it with LibreOffice. I could use Word but I'm running a 2003 version which does not remember where I left off. I don't see the need to pay for a new word processor when I can use a free one that works just as good.

Next, I make a full editing pass, making changes to get the story to fit together into a coherent whole and doing general editing. Then its off to my beta readers and copy editor. When I get all the feedback, I make a final major editing pass to create the finished manuscript. As I finish each chapter, I print it out and hand it to my wife who does her grammatical magic. I enter these changes last. for PK2, I'm printing it out again and sending it to my dad. He and his wife will have a final chance to fix any mistakes that were missed. Then, it's time to publish.

My oatmeal is done and that means it's time to eat. I must set the book aside for now to mow the lawn which I have neglected for far too long. The next time you hear from he, my editing will be done and I hope so will my wife's.