PK2 Cover and News

This has been an exciting week. First, I would like to share some very exciting news (to me anyway) concerning WorldCon 2015. I have been asked to be on a self-publishing panel at WorldCon 2015. This is not a 100% confirmed deal but it looks like this is going to happen. The director of programming for next year's WorldCon not only likes the idea but is open to more than one panel and possibly a workshop. This is a big deal for me as an indie author.

I did not ask nor did I suggest this idea to anyone. The email came out of the blue. It's a big deal because it means I've been recognized. It's one of those little things that carries a lot of weight. At my day job, I try my best to recognize those who do a good job. It's a form of positive feedback which research has shown has a greater affect than negative feedback. I've already booked my hotel and as soon as I can do so I will be booking the flight. If you're thinking of going to WorldCon - GET YOUR ROOM NOW! Many of the hotels are already sold out and rooms are going fast.

The panel invite brings to mind another point--if you're a serious writer you need to form contacts with other writers. Had I just been satisfied with publishing my books and never attended Launch Pad the invite would never have happened. Going to Launch Pad brought me into contact with other writers. Staying in touch with them and getting together with some of them at DragonCon most likely led to the invite. If you are serious about writing, start forming a network of relationships with other writers. If it's within your financial means, expand your relationships outside of your local area. I know people scattered all over the world.

My wife has been having to spend more time than usual over at the nursing home attending to her mom. She has lost her ability to stand even with a walker and now needs more care. This has impacted the time she has for proofing Peacekeeper 2. She's hoping to be finished by the end of next week but that's an aggressive schedule. This delay has allowed me to get a good cover for the book as well as finish the prologue. If all goes well, Peacekeeper 2 will be available before the end of next month. I want to thank everyone for their patience. Writing, editing, copyediting, proofing, finding a cover, and formatting the final product all takes time. I promise you - PK2 will be worth the wait.

Speaking of the cover: Here it is--

This is almost how it will appear when the book is released. I've requested the font of the main title to be changed. Comments from my blog readers are welcome. It's not too late to make additional tweaks. I have to thank Heather Zak, the wife of my best friend from high school, for the work she's put into the cover. AJ (Arnold J. Zak) found the background image which she then modified. I'll give a free book to the first person who can identify the background picture.

There have been some other exciting developments at my day job as well. I very much enjoy my new job and (once again) the recognition I've been receiving from upper management and the corporate home office have made it even more enjoyable. I won't bore you with the details especially since this post has now gone on for too long.

I will continue to post updates on Twitter. If you don't follow me and you would like to my Twitter username is: author_farren