PK2 Proofing is Complete!

The proofing of Peacekeeper 2 is now complete. The book will get printed and mailed to a final proof reader to catch anything that may have been missed. This round of proofing will not take very long. In the meantime, I will be formatting the book in preparation for publication. I will send out a special announcement to everyone on my mailing list when the book is available. Please tell your friends.

I have also made very good progress on my Self-Publishing Guide - An Indie Point of View. This will be a short, free guide to help a new author get started at self-publishing their book. It's not meant to be a tutorial on how to work your way through the various screens on Amazon or CreateSpace to get your book published. It's more of a starting point in learning the basics of self-publishing. I will also happily answer any questions people may have in getting started toward publishing your novel. Although I am totally self-published, I am not against getting an agent and shooting for a contract with a large publishing house.

I'm going to keep this entry short as I have a ton of things to do the rest of the day.