My wife (my proofreader) is nearing the end of her job. There are only a few chapters of Peacekeeper 2 remaining for her to review. She hoped to finish it yesterday while we were at B&N but her sister popped in and that meant socializing and not proofing. Family does come first though and I am not complaining. She should be done very soon and the manuscript will be sent off to one more person to read--maybe. I say maybe because this last person is currently in the hospital after falling at home. She's okay but they are working on a possible heart issue which might delay her return home. The plan is to prep the book for publication while she takes a look at it. I'm still hoping for a release by the end of the month. Cross your fingers!

My free time has been split between reading several books and writing a small guide to self-publishing. An acquaintance of mine, Christie Yant (@christieyant on Twitter), guest-edited a special edition of Lightspeed magazine titled Women Destroy Science Fiction. This book has been receiving considerable praise from around the world. I've only read the first 5 or 6 stories so far but all have been quite good. I've also been working on a guide to self-publishing.

I was surprised when I started work on Self-Publishing from an Indie Point of View to learn that I seem to know quite a bit about this aspect of the industry--more than I realized. Figuring out how to put everything I know into a handbook and in what order to put it has been a challenge. My plans are to make it available for free if possible. That might be a challenge because you can't give anything away for free on Amazon. I might be forced to sell it for $0.99 which is the lowest price Amazon allows. I will send it out free to everyone on my mailing list when it's done. If you're interested, get on that list!

Nobody correctly guessed the origin of the photo that was used to create the cover for Peacekeeper 2. It's a photo of Mars taken by one of the orbiters. My friend Heather Zak did her magic to add the massive beam of destruction and exploding lava to the photo.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time may recall that I have been against purchasing Microsoft Office. Well ... that changed yesterday. I have LibreOffice, OpenOffice, and Microsoft Office 2003 all installed on my systems. The first two are free. Why pay to upgrade when you can use a free program? The answer--compatibility. My niece-in-law came over the other day with a school project she needed to print (their printer was broke). It was created in Word. I opened it in both LibreOffice and OpenOffice and she said the formatting was incorrect. Opening it up in Word produced a correct document. Amazon and Smashwords use the Word format for uploading. I normally use Word anyway to create the final output just to avoid any formatting issues like I saw above. Word 2003 has security issues and is no longer supported. So, I dropped the money and purchased Microsoft Office 365 yesterday. I use it at work which is also another reason to upgrade.

Finally, yesterday, I received an email from Jody Lynn Nye concerning the status of Launch Pad - the Anthology. The original publisher had issues with getting it into print and has transferred it to WordFire Press. It will soon be available in both ebook and print format in the very near future. They will also be promoting this book which will not only help boost sales but it will help Launch Pad obtain the funding it needs to continue its mission. I will let you know when the book is available.