Strange Coincidence

After posting my blog entry last week, I received an e-mail from my copy-editor. He suggested working on Dragonverse 3. He also indicated he had some ideas. Never one to turn down a possible plot, I asked him to send me what he had. I about fell out of my chair when I read his idea because it was a near duplicate of what I had been thinking about! It was just too strange to be true--but there it was in black and white staring at me on the computer screen. I have never written down my own idea nor have I told anyone else. So I guess, Dragonverse 3 will be next. Well--almost.

I've been gathering thoughts in my head about a short manual on self-publishing. I think I'll be putting that together first. My best friend in Minnesota should be getting close to finishing his novel and I have other friends who've never self-published before but are interested, so writing this will benefit people. It will also be something I can present/use/hand out at WorldCon 2015. This will be my next project and I'm going to begin work on it today.

My wife has made significant progress toward proofing Peacekeeper 2. As proof that I do listen to my readers--I no longer bother (i.e. nag) her about getting the proofing done. It takes what it takes. She is well-aware of the fact that I'm waiting on her before I can format and publish. There is one more final reader involved but she is quick and I should have her feedback quickly. In the meantime, I can work on formatting the book for final publication. I can enter her feedback in the final version just before I send it off to the virtual press.

I will also be copyrighting the manuscript after I have a near final format. It's the words that count when you copyright a novel. This is something I've talked about in the past and highly recommend copyrighting your work. Click here to see the start of a short chain of posts about my copyrighting experience or just do a search for 'copyright'.

Yesterday, at the writer's meeting at B&N I read a chapter from PK2. The feedback was positive and I got some good ideas on some minor changes. I can easily make those changes without impacting the publication schedule because my wife has not yet reached that point in the book. I will be working on that right after posting and sending this out.

Only one other person had something to read and it was so good I told the group that she should collect the posts into a book and publish them at a later date. She is taking care of her mom who has Alzheimer's disease. If you're interested in reading her blog you can find it at: http://rbnrob6.wordpress.com/.

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