Peacekeeper 2 is available

Please share this with your science fiction reading friends.

Peacekeeper 2 was uploaded to Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords on the morning of 11/07/2014. It became available on Amazon-US around noon yesterday. It is also available on Smashwords main site. If you are overseas, it should be available soon. If you prefer to use Barnes & Noble, Apple iStore, or others, I'm afraid you will have to wait a short time. I'm having an issue getting my document to pass Smashword's rather stringent ePub verification. I'm also delaying a second upload to Smashwords because one of my readers is finding small mistakes that were missed by three proof-readers.

These mistakes are not major show-stoppers: A few formatting errors; 'Hanger' used instead of 'hangar'; and other minor mistakes. These will be corrected in the Amazon version as soon as Ekkehard Flessa finishes his reading.

I have also finished my little document on self-publishing. It can be downloaded from my website at:
http://www.dougfarren.com/Self_Publishing.pdf. This document has not gone through any review process so there will most likely be mistakes in it as well. I plan on periodically updating this document and when I do I will let you know through this blog. If you find I've missed something or you think I need to clarify something in the document, please let me know.