Time to begin writing

I guess blogging every two weeks while I'm between projects is going to be the norm. I hope everyone had a good holiday. My wife and I were very busy as usual. This was the first Christmas my mother-in-law missed attending the family Christmas dinner. Early in the week, we had dinner at my sister-in-law's house then a get-together later at the other sister-in-law's boyfriend's house. Late that night, my wife got a call from the retirement home informing her they were sending her mom to the hospital. Turns out she has pneumonia and is now on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics. She's diabetic and the drugs began messing with her sugar. Things are now under control but my wife's mom is going to miss out on all the holiday activities.

I found a fatal flaw in my plot for my next book and I spent most of my free time trying to work out a solution. The other day, I had the answer. I wrote it all down and fired it off to Lee Dilkie who is my content editor. If he can't poke any holes in it then I think I have a story. I'm excited about this one because it will allow me to link Dragonverse with one of my stand-alone books. It also means I have a lot of work cut out for me for the next two years.

Linda Nagata's recent blog post talks about how well she did in completing her writing goals for 2014. I never thought about doing something like this since my writing goals are usually pretty simple. It's the same every year: I expect to write one novel and read at least 2 books on how to improve my writing. This past year was no different. Next year, however, is going to be a bit of a challenge. I will start off by going through Dragonverse and Ishnef's Revenge making modifications and updates to bring them up to my current standards of writing. I will also make some minor plot additions to prepare the books for the next novel. (Try doing that with a book you sold to a publishing house!)

While my wife goes through the updated manuscripts, I will begin work on my next project. Writing should take most of the year. I will be passing chapters to Lee Dilkie as I finish my editing so he can chew on them and try to shoot it full of holes. After the final editing is complete, I will pass the book off to my wife so she can proof it as well. While she is doing that proofing, I will be entering the changes she's made to the first two books. Once I'm done, if my wife has not finished proofing the next book, I will start working on the stand-alone to bring it up to current standards. The 5th book in the series will be on hot standby and I will begin working on it as soon as time permits—most likely at the beginning of 2016.

So what's the name of my next project? Unless Lee is able to shoot it down, the book will be called Dragonverse Origins.

As you can see, 2015 is going to be a busy year. I'm also planning on a trip down South to see my dad as well as my yearly trip to Laramie to attend Launch Pad. A month after Launch Pad, I will be flying to Spokane to attend WorldCon 2015. If you are planning on attending WorldCon 2015, please let me know and let's see if we can't get together; I would love to meet some of the people who are reading this blog.

Finally—I'm going to be running a GoodReads giveaway as soon as I can get my head wrapped around how to use their website. I will be giving away two signed copies of one of my books. If GoodReads allows it, I will let the winners select which book to receive. I'm going to try to run this in parallel with a similar give away on my website. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to limit it to the United States and possibly Canada to prevent having to spend a fortune to send a book overseas. If anyone has any ideas to work around this little problem please let me know.

As always, I welcome comments and feedback from those who've read my books. I always respond so feel free to write.