Progress report

Dragonverse edits are complete and the new version is now in the hands of Lee Dilkie for a final sanity check. In the meantime, I've started work on Dragonverse Origins. For days, I pondered over how to begin the novel. I thought about starting out by describing the town, the main character, the time period, all sorts of different beginnings. Nothing seemed to work. A few days ago I got home from work and had some time, so I decided to start writing. I still had not decided how to begin. I fired up Scrivener, loaded my template and sat staring at the blank (blue in my case) screen. And then the magic happened.

Words appeared in my head, traveled down to my fingers and appeared on the screen. The story had a beginning! And it was a good one. I kept working on it until my wife came home. There were several interruptions (cats knocking something over and phone calls) but I eventually wrote several paragraphs. I fired off the rough beginning to Susan Forest (SFWA secretary, award-winning YA author, editor, and teacher) to get her opinion. I got a quick response – she loved it. She did have a few comments though as I had expected and hoped.

I had my wife (who is also my copy-editor) read it and then I showed her Susan’s response. They both had pretty much the same comments. This told me that my wife’s insights were right on track (which I have known all along but this provided validation). The other morning, I made some changes to that rough beginning and kept on going. By the time I had to quit, the novel had expanded to almost 1,000 words. Now, I’m sitting at B&N writing this blog so that tomorrow morning I will be able to get up, make tea, and start writing.

My new battery arrived for my netbook. This, along with my old battery, will give me at least 9 or more hours of usage. That’s a good thing because I plan on doing a ton of writing while flying to Launch Pad in June as well as flying to WorldCon in August. Spending $24.00 on a new battery makes a lot more sense than spending $1,000.00 on a whole new computer, especially when the machine I wanted (Microsoft Surface Pro 3) might not work very well as an actual laptop. Anyone out there ever try to use one on their lap? If so, how well did it work out?

My Goodreads giveaway ends on Feb 7. If you’re interested in possibly winning a copy of Translight (or one of my other books) please consider entering.

An acquaintance of mine, Sandra McDonald, posted an interesting tweet this morning with a link to an article discussing authors reluctance to disclosing their financial resources. It's an interesting read which you can do yourself by clicking here. I don't think it's a secret that I have a good-paying job at a nuclear power plant. I get great benefits and I usually work from 0600 until 1430 Monday through Friday. I do most of my writing in the mornings on my days off as well as more when my wife and I go to B&N, usually on Saturdays. If I'm in the middle of an editing pass, I will take an hour each day to keep going because I don't want the thoughts to go stale. Writing is not a full-time job for me.

I have about an hour before my wife wakes up. Time to get back to writing...