I was beginning to wonder about my word counts for Dragonverse Origins. I was doing a lot of typing, the bottom graph showing my word count for the session was going up, but the draft target number didn’t seem to be changing. There is a feature in Scrivener that allows you to exclude a document in the final output document. I had turned on this feature for the unfinished chapter when I sent what has been written so far to my content-editor. I failed to turn it back on. After doing so, my word count now stands at 33,669. Much better.

The action is beginning to pick up and the dual threads of my plot are moving along well. Soon, one of the threads will come to a sudden end that is also a turning point for my main character—a young adult named Milus. I’ve been doing a lot of reading up on the Medieval times and I’ve learned that most of what we are shown in movies and in many books is just plain wrong. I like to keep my books as scientifically and historically accurate as possible and that means doing a lot of research when I start talking about subjects I’m not familiar with. It does slow down the writing but—in the end—you get a better product.

I will be departing for Launch Pad in about a week. While all of the other guests will be staying at the Honor House on the University of Wyoming campus, I will be staying at the home of Mike Brotherton, the creator of Launch Pad and fellow dragon enthusiast. I’ll be in the downstairs area which is decorated with a large assortment of dragons including this incredible dragon skull.

A friend of mine from the writers group I attend has done a two-part blog interview with me. If you’re interested in reading it and following her blog you can find the post here. This is a recently created website built in preparation for the release of her first self-published book. She is an avid fan of science fiction and is planning on attending WorldCon 2015 (Sasquan). I will be doing a similar interview of her in the near future.

To close, I just can’t resist sharing this picture with you. My daughter’s boyfriend posted it on Facebook. This is one cool building!

You can read more about it and see more pictures here.