T-1 Day

Today I pack for Launch Pad! It will be great to see Christian Ready, Andria Schwortz, and Mike Brotherton again. Over the years of over-packing for this trip, I think I've finally figured out how to pack what is needed to keep my luggage down to a minimum. My schedule for tomorrow looks sort of like this:

0230 - Up early. Finish loading the car and leave the house by around 0330.
0400 - Arrive at my desk at work. I have a report to do before leaving.
0530 - This is when I MUST leave work to head for the airport.
0630 - Arrive at Park-N-Fly.
0900 - Flight leaves for Denver.
1020 - (Local time) Arrive in Denver.
1130 - Last person for my group arrives - head for car rental.
1200 - In the van and headed for Launch Pad.
1400 - Projected arrival in Laramie.

I am the only person at Perry who can currently generate the Monthly Performance Report for Work Management. The report is due next week with some people wanting the numbers as early as possible. I have automated most of the process but there are manual steps required as well. Once I actually generate the report data -- I'm done. I can actually do the rest while in Laramie. But, I'm giving myself some extra time in case there's an issue with the code.

I'm not sure if I will be posting a blog next Sunday due to that being a busy travel day. If I have time, I will pre-write the post and upload it before leaving Sunday morning.

Dragonverse Origins stands at 35,057 words. You should expect a significant jump in that when I post next. I will be spending my mornings in the Student Union or the Turtle Rock Cafe drinking coffee and writing. I have also been through this course before and I will most likely sit and write in class.

My UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) just kicked in. We have storms moving through the area and the power has fluctuated a couple of times since yesterday. If you don't write from a laptop (with a good battery of course) then you should invest in a UPS. Having your computer go dead after writing the best paragraph of your life would be a heart-wrenching experience. I work at a nuclear power plant with multiple power supply backups and one of the first things I did after assuming my role as Work Management Database Administrator was to ask my supervisor to order me a good UPS. It pays to be safe!

That's it from me. It's still early and I have much to do today.