It has been a busy week at our house. Despite all my other activities, I've been continuing to write. Dragonverse Origins now stands at 47,152 words out of a projected 85,000. I've been dividing my free time between reading up on WordPress, reading a very well-written book titled why does E=mc^2, and writing. My copy of Showing & Telling is at work and I read it during lunch and bathroom breaks.

I've been thinking about the content of this blog. The subjects have always focused on writing and keeping you posted on my progress. I have not settled on a single main theme because writing requires a broad set of skills and knowledge. But, I'm wondering if I should narrow my focus a bit. If you are a regular reader of this blog please comment if you have any suggestions along these lines.

As an indie author who is doing well with book sales (note I did not include the word "very") I have been invited to sit on several panels at this year's WorldCon. The panels I've accepted are:

  • Self Publishing - How to do it; Finance for Writers
  • The Future of "Back to the Future" or, Just Where is my flying skateboard?
  • The New Space Opera
  • Self Publishing - How to Market Your Work.
The official schedule will be released toward the end of July.

I read an interesting tweet yesterday with a link to another writer's blog concerning the formatting of books. The types of books I write don't require a great deal of formatting because virtually all of my sales are in the form of e-books. I do, however, have printed versions of my books. I have often thought about going back and redoing the formatting of all my books. Createspace has quite a bit of information on their site. If you search, you can find all sorts of information. Formatting a book is not an easy process. For myself, I'm not too concerned. Perhaps I will reformat if sales pick up and I start selling more hard-copies.

One more thing before I close this week's post. If you find yourself in Northern Ohio in the Cleveland area or East of that city, drop me a line if you would like to meet. I'm always interested in getting to know the people who read my books and I would like to hear your feedback. I prefer if you are open and honest about your comments as well -- that's how I learn.