In the Zone

If you're a writer, you know what I'm talking about--that floating feeling you get when you're 'in the zone'. It happens to me when I write code as well. Being interrupted when you're in the zone is like stopping a race-car driver in the middle of the final lap to ask him for an interview. I had been at an impasse and pretty well stuck all week. Following my own advice, I let the story sit but I continually brought it up in my head. This alerted my subconscious to the fact that this was important and needed to be solved.

Yesterday morning I was still unsure of how to proceed but I sat down to write anyway. I re-read the last couple of pages, came to the end and- - -nothing. I deleted the hanging paragraph I'd started then went back and edited a few paragraphs I'd written a few weeks ago to fix an issue I knew wouldn't work. When I went back to where I left off, I stared at the screen, fingers poised over the keyboard but nothing happened. I walked away, ate breakfast, caught up on Twitter, fed the cats and sat back down. This time, an idea popped into my head and I started typing.

At first, it was a bit rough. I went back and fixed a few things, deleted several paragraphs, and moved on. By the time my wife got up, the problem was solved and I was hammering away at the keyboard. I added a few more lines and hit save. We went to Barnes & Noble and after playing a round of Scrabble I popped open the laptop. Dividing my time between my wife and my writing I managed to squeak out another 278 words. Later that evening, my wife went to visit her mother and sister leaving me alone in the house. Not wanting to waste any time I opened the netbook and started typing away. The zone formed and I banged out 748 words in just over an hour.

Dragonverse Origins now stands at 45,647 words which is over the half-way point. I believe I have a clear path from here to the end.

I did, however, get my first comments back from Lee Dilkie, my content-editor and overall fan-based adviser. He honestly pointed out the fact that the first chapter started out great but the next 3 or 4 were boring. I'm not sure if I can fix this or not because I need to do a lot of set-up at the start of this book. I'll noodle on it and see what happens. No matter what though, I will be doing some massive editing once the first draft is done. Having someone who isn't afraid to tell you the truth is like having a stack of gold bullion in your safe deposit box.

I have created a test website hosted by biz.nfhttp://www.biz.nf/free-wordpress-hosting.php. I've started along the path of learning WordPress. So far, I've not spent much time at it but it does not appear to be too difficult. I will have to be learning PHP, HTML, CSS, and a few other internet technologies. I did look into night or weekend classes offered at our local community college but didn't find anything. So, for now, I'm on my own.

Now comes the hard part: what do I do this morning? Do I write more, learn about WordPress, or read a fascinating book I picked up at B&N called "Why Does E=MC^2"? I want to read, but I need to write and learn WordPress. Time for breakfast so the subconscious can decide for me.