Accomplishments this past week include:

  • Resurfaced my blacktop driveway.
  • Sealing the gap between the house and my cement sidewalk and back patio.
  • Charging and updating all of our computers (2 desktops, 2 laptops, and my netbook).
  • Chased a steam locomotive from just outside of Youngstown to Ashtabula.
  • Caught up on a bunch of television shows that have been sitting on the hard drive for a long time.
You will notice that writing does not appear in the list. I have been putting off doing some things around the house because of my desire to write. Last week, I decided to catch up on the growing list of things that needed done. I will have time to write this coming week while I'm at the Schrodinger Sessions.

I did manage to get a small amount of writing done. Dragonverse Origins currently stands at 53,695 words.

Next week, I will be attending The Schrodinger Sessions, a 3-day course on quantum physics at the Joint Quantum Institute located just north of Washington D.C. in Maryland. Several of my Launch Pad acquaintances will be attending as well. Merrie Haskell (Launch Pad acquaintance) will be driving to my house and we will ride together from here in my car. I'm looking forward to the trip: I get to spend some time with an award-winning author; I get to see a few of my author acquaintances again; I get to learn some quantum physics; And, I will be meeting up with a group of alumni from the International Space University (www.isunet.edu) as well as some local authors. This meeting will take place in a bar called (appropriately) Science Club (www.scienceclubdc.com).
My wife is still asleep and words that must become part of Dragonverse Origins are jumping up and down in my head wanted to snuggle up next to the others that are already in the novel. Time to start writing.