Preparing for WorldCon

I accomplished very little in the writing department this past week. Excuses:

1) My sister-in-law brought over several computers that needed work: A slow laptop; An old XP box with pictures on it that refused to remain on; An all-in-one that is dead. I loaded Windows 10 on the laptop and then had to remove McAfee antivirus because it was hogging the CPU. Cleaned it up and now it works great. I managed to pull the pictures off the XP box and loaded them into her newly upgraded laptop. I have not had a chance to look at the all-in-one.

2) I've been neglecting some minor home repairs - these have been completed.

3) Other household activities such as scanning 1.5 months of receipts into the system, putting shelves together that my wife bought weeks ago, and other little items that have piled up.

4) Research into the self-publishing industry in preparation for being on panels at next week's World Science Fiction Convention.

One of the new members of the writer's workgroup I attend is preparing to launch her books using a well-crafted self-publishing scheme. She's done her research and is on top of the game. Her son speaks several languages and has translated her books into both Spanish and German giving her an edge. She's purchasing ISBN numbers, has formed an LLC company, and has chosen her printer. I dug into her choice of printer and other aspects of her plan to help give me some insight when I sit on the self-publishing panels at WorldCon. I agree with most of her plan but there are aspects of it that I believe are unnecessary.  I wish her all the luck in the world.

I did, however, manage to put the finishing touches on my short story--Ship's Logs--following having it critiqued at my writer's workgroup. They, as always, had some very good feedback and now the story is complete. I will begin submitting it to magazines in the very near future. This is also a new adventure for me because I've never submitted anything to a magazine before. I'm also not a short story writer.

My next post will be from an airport (most likely Denver) on my way back from Spokane. You can see my panel schedule by clicking here. Now, I have to finish scanning. Writing will have to wait awhile longer.