Dragonverse Origins currently stands at 84,312 words. My original goal when I start a novel is 80,000. I still have a few more chapters to write and since I am fully aware of the fact that my endings tend to be too quick, I'm having a difficult time trying to actually end this book. I desperately need to time-compress about 2 years of story. But I also don't want to give the impression that I'm rushing things. It's a delicate balance that I'm not very good at. I'm hoping to have this done very soon and off to the content editor so he can help smooth out the rough edges. I'm also itching to begin the next Peacekeeper.

If you have some ideas about the next Peacekeeper, now is the time. The story is not written in stone and I can easily (I hope) add some more elements. So far, without giving much away, I plan on hitting the following:

  • More insight into the relationship between Tom and Lashpa.
  • Details about the Omel and what they are like as a people.
  • Some interesting information concerning the AIs aboard the Seeker-class scout ships used by the Peacekeepers.
  • A small but important link to a pivotal event that took place in Honor Thy Enemy.

Launch Pad Fundraiser Update
The Launch Pad fundraiser I started ran into a small glitch last weekend. I didn't realize this but GoFundMe requires that the funds be pulled out at least once every 30 days. I rushed to try to get Nicole at the University of Wyoming to accept the funds and in doing so I learned a few interesting pieces of information. To accept the funds directly, Nicole needed approval from the University and would have to set up a complex system of getting the funds directed to Launch Pad. I also learned that the University takes about 40% of all grant money. One-hundred percent of all direct donations, however, go to support Launch Pad.

The end result was that I started accepted the donations and having the funds moved into my writing business bank account. Later this year, I will hand the money over to Mike Brotherton (minus what GoFundMe collects). So, if I can raise $2,000, that would be the same as Launch Pad receiving a grant of $2,800. That's almost half of what it takes to run Launch Pad for a year. Since a GoFundMe campaign never ends, I hope to keep this one going and maybe if we get enough interest, we can turn Launch Pad into a workshop that is totally funded by past attendees and other writers.

You can still donate to Launch Pad by clicking here: https://www.gofundme.com/3hhxuzze

I normally write quite a bit more in these posts, but I want to focus my time today on trying to finish Dragonverse Origins. Remember, if you want to see something in the next Peacekeeper -- write me! I will consider it.