Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone! If you are a Christian, please remember what it is that is being celebrated. If you prefer to follow a different faith, please be considerate of those who believe differently.

My content editor has been reading Dragonverser Origins for the past week and so far it seems as if he likes what I've done with it. I'm sure he will have many suggestions for me when I get the manuscript back. But that's the purpose of haveing a second person who is not afraid of voicing their opinion read your novel. The writer is always too close to the story and it sometimes takes the insight of another person to point out where the story needs to be improved.

While Origins is being reviewed, I've been engaged in my professionalization project. I started by re-editing and reformatting Dragonverse: The Adventure Begins. That book is finished and now I'm working on Ishnef's Revenge. Although it's a much smaller book (which I may or may not decide to try to expand), Ishnef's Revenge appears to need a fair amount of re-editing. When I finish will depend on how much time I have to myself. When that book is done, I will turn to Off Course and finally When Ships Mutiny. These last two are not going to have any re-editing done. I will reformat and call them complete.

After all the re-editing and reformatting is complete, I will look into building new covers to make all the cover print look the same. New versions will be uploaded and the professionalization project will be complete. It's been a lot of work, but I firmly believe it's been worth it. I'm not an amateur writer. I've been writing for years, I get good reviews, I've continued my writing education by reading books on writing, and I've become involved in writing conferences, and other activities. And, finally, I'm a member of SFWA. It's time my books look like they were done by a professional.

There are times when I want to rant in this blog about how screwed up humanity is. Today is one of those days. Perhaps it's because I see how we Americans have commercialized our holidays to the point where people often forget what it is we are actually supposed to be celebrating. This gets me thinking about other things and before I know it I'm walking down that dark hallway of human history and looking at the pictures hanging on the walls of today that are showing the horrors of what we've become. It's sad to think that if every person on the planet had compassion for their fellow humans and tolerance for each other's beliefs, looks, and other features, that we could be living in a world where nobody was lacking in anything. But this is not the world we live in.

As you can see, I've started my rant - I won't bother finishing it because people don't seem to want to change and I'm just a tiny little voice among the billions living on this planet. Our leaders no longer serve the people but those who give them the most money. Greed, intolerance, self-indulgence, and lack of compassion seem to be on the rise. Violence is quickly becoming an everyday occurrence and people are becoming used to hearing about it. I, for one, am sick of it all. I no longer watch the news because it continually points out how bad society has become. There are a few good people out there, but our numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate.

As a writer, I write about futuristic societies that are based on rational beings who collectively desire to live in a peaceful, productive world. But I also try to point out the bad in people. In my stories, such people always lose. But things don't work that way in the real world. I try to write books that show what society could be like. Perhaps some day, I will be forced to write a story about what society will mostly be like one-hundred years from now. When I do, I'm not sure how it will be marketed - science fiction or horror?

In closing, I did see Batman VS Superman yesterday. As a writer, I must point out that the story is full of plot holes and inconsistencies. The ending left far too many questions unanswered. If I was an editor reading the story, I would reject it. Far too much of the film takes place in darkened scenes making me wonder if the sun ever comes up in their universe. The entertainment value was okay but if you want to really enjoy this movie you will need to disengage your higher level brain functions, stop asking the obvious questions, and just watch the movie.

Time to get back to editing. Enjoy your Easter!